Ashok Gupta MA(Cantab), MSc

Ashok is an internationally renowned Speaker, Filmmaker & Health Practitioner who has dedicated his life to supporting people through chronic illness, and achieving their potential.

Ashok suffered from ME, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, around 25 years ago when he was studying at Cambridge University. Through neurological research that he conducted, he managed to get himself 100% better. He then set up a clinic to treat others, and then published the well-known recovery program known as the Gupta Program in 2007.

He has published several medical papers and is continually researching these conditions, you can find out more information here.

In 2017 Ashok published a popular 4.7 star rated app called the Meaning of Life Experiment, a 30-Day program of videos and meditations to discover more happiness, meaning, and to uncover your Life Purpose. www.themeaningoflife.tv


About The Coronavirus Challenge

Here at the Gupta Program clinic, we have been supporting patients with chronic conditions such as ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MCS & Anxiety for over 20 years, helping them to rebalance their nervous system and immune system.

Now with the widespread panic and fear the world is witnessing with the ever-increasing danger of the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew it was our mission to step up and make our knowledge available freely to everyone.

The Coronavirus Challenge uses the Gupta MEND Protocol, a research program born out of the Gupta Program treatments for patients with chronic conditions

This free not-for-profit immune-boosting challenge consists of videos, audios and exercises that help you understand what may reduce your chances of getting infected by the virus. It includes hand-picked tools, techniques and the latest scientific research & clinical evidence based on the Gupta MEND Protocol.


About the Gupta Program

The Gupta Program is an online brain retraining program for chronic conditions such as ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and MCS. We have been supporting patients for 20 years.

We are a Professional Global Clinic with Practitioners and Coaches all over the world. We pride ourselves on treating all our patients with respect and understanding, and a novel groundbreaking set of treatments design to tackle the issue at its core.

20 years of research combined with the latest findings about “neuroplasticity”, lead Ashok to believe these real conditions such as ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MCS etc. are ultimately caused by abnormalities in brain function, which can be reversed using revolutionary “brain retraining” techniques. Despite what people may say, many people do recover successfully from these conditions, and the Gupta Program triggers the body's natural ability to heal itself.