The MEND Program

The Gupta MEND Program was developed based on 20 years of research, as well as 20 years of working with patients with chronic health conditions

The MEND program stands for Mind, Energizing the Body, Night-time Routine & Sleep, and Diet. It is a new program based on the knowledge gained from the Gupta Program, which is a brain retraining online course for people with ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MCS and other similar conditions. You can find out more information about the Gupta Program at 

How Does the MEND Program Work?

The advancements in modern medicine have been breathtaking, and our modern healthcare systems have contributed to greater longevity, better disease management, and patient care. However, modern healthcare systems often neglect the role of preventative health and lifestyle changes, and their profound impact on our chances of illness and general well-being.

The Gupta MEND Program project was born out of the Gupta Program, and was designed to redress that balance by conducting exhaustive research on what tools and lifestyle changes directly impact on our chances of illness, longevity and well-being.

We have provided some of the key principles of the MEND program for free within the Coronavirus Challenge, specifically focusing on what radically reduces the chances of getting an infection from a virus. This critical information may be the difference between life or death for many in the population, and we hope that thousands will benefit from the knowledge that is backed up by the scientific literature.