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“I’ve taken the pledge and been following Ashok’s Coronavirus Challenge, and I’ve learned so much about how we can all boost our immune systems against the virus, it’s great! I’ve been sharing it with everyone I know.”

Naomie Harris

Oscar Nominee (Skyfall, Spectre, Moonlight)

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Because you can strengthen your immune system right now, to help defend yourself against the coronavirus. The media is focusing on avoidance of the virus, which of course is right. However, as the weeks go by, it’s clear that now everyone has a greater chance of contracting the virus.

So, strengthening your immune system is just as important as avoiding the virus. Because when you build up your immunity, assuming this new virus behaves like other viruses, you are probably less likely to get the condition, less likely to develop severe symptoms, and less likely to infect friends and family.

And with a stronger immune system, you are more likely to get over the illness in a shorter period of time, without needing to be hospitalized and using already stretched resources. Some of the tools in this program have been scientifically shown to reduce the chances of being infected by up to 80%, and if you do develop an infection, to halve the days with symptoms.

In the program, we will also help you deal with the anxiety around the current situation, through practical techniques and guidance.

The Program is completely free and there is no payment required ever for this knowledge.

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What do I get in the Coronavirus Challenge Program?


Daily Videos

hosted by Ashok Gupta, a chronic illness expert


The Gupta MEND Protocol

Mind, Exercise, Night-time Routine & Sleep, & Diet- which explain exactly what you need to know right now to boost your immune system against COVID-19


Online Meditations

10 & 20 minute meditations to help calm your nervous system, ease anxiety and help you feel more centered during this time of turmoil and confusion


Action Steps

The latest scientific research & clinical studies broken down into easy to understand, concise action steps



A positive & supportive Facebook forum dedicated to health, celebrating success and building community


Completely free

Completely free, no hidden costs or charges

Some of the tools in this program have been scientifically shown to reduce the chances of contracting an infection from a virus by over 80%. All the aspects of the program are backed up by published research studies, which are listed under the videos.

Take the Pledge to Take Responsibilty for Your Health Through Super-Charging your Immune System, and share with others to support Humanity's resistance against the Coronavirus.

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Here at the Gupta Program clinic, we have been supporting patients with chronic conditions for over 20 years, helping them to rebalance their nervous system and immune system.

Now with the widespread panic and fear the world is witnessing with the ever-increasing danger of the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew it was our mission to step up and make our knowledge available freely to everyone.

This free not-for-profit immune-boosting challenge consists of videos, audios and exercises that help you understand what may reduce your chances of getting infected by the virus. It includes hand-picked tools, techniques and the latest scientific research & clinical evidence based on the Gupta MEND Protocol.